Freshwater fishing on Bornholm

Freshwater fishing is perfect on Bornholm.

Freshwater fishing

If you like freshwater fishing, you will find many lakes, marshes and ponds on Bornholm, which have lots of fish. Besides pike, perch, trout, zander, eel and many other kinds of fish the Bornholm lakes and marches offer unique nature experiences.

Pole fishing on Bornholm

A lot of people start their angler carreer with pole fishing. On Bornholm you’ll find plenty of lakes with good stocks of tench, carp and roach, and coarse fishing is  easily accessible to everyone – young and old.

Pole fishing – with natural bait

Pole fishing means in all its simplicity fishing with natural bait such as worms, corn, maggots, dough, bread or baitfish. All fish can be caught with some sort of natural bait, and in contrast to jigs, spinning and fly fishing it is not a question of “imitations”, which have to copy prey. In coarse fishing baits are the “real thing” – something that can be seen, smelled and eaten. Pole fishing offers a wealth of different fishing methods, but you do not need to know a lot about food, fishing rods etc. or to invest in a lot of special gear to enjoy a lovely day at one of Bornholms beautiful marshes or lakes.

Free fishing in local lakes

On Bornholm you can fish without a special fishing licence in the local lakes. The following lakes are the most interesting:

  • Rubinsøen lake in the wood Hasle Lystskov
  • Safirsøen lake in the wood Hasle Lystskov
  • Snorrebakkesøen lake near the road Snorrebakken just outside Rønne
  • Kanegårdssøerne lakes situated in the wood Kanegårdsskoven just outside Rønne
  • The kaolin pit on the outskirts of Rønne
  • The lake near the road Torneværksvej on the outskirts of Rønne

Free fishing in state forest lakes

Additionally, you can fish without a special fishing licence in the following two state forest lakes:

  • Sdr. Borgedal in the Rø plantion
  • Åsedam in Almindingen

Fishing lakes

In the below lakes you can go fishing on Bornholm:

  • The trout lake at the road Vellensbyvej – Put & take for trout. Fishing licence on the site and in Sport Dres Bornholm, Rønne
  • The quarry lake Stenbrudssøen near the campsite in Nexø. Fishing licence can be bought at the campsite

See the Danish site about the fishing lakes on Bornholm here

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