Bornholm's Food Festival

CULINARY Island - Bornholm Food Festival runs from 25 to 27 June 2023

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Culinary Island – Bornholm Food Festival once again invites connoisseurs, foodies, and people interested in food to Bornholm for unique food experiences focusing on sustainability 25th – 27th June 2023.

Here you get the opportunity to get up close to the Bornholm food landscape and experience a day full of exciting debates and delicious tastings – Or what about a visit to a local ecological “Imarksætter” (“fieldtrepreneur”). All with a focus on local producers’ usage of green and sustainable methods.

Sol over Gudhjem

If you’re interested in unique food experiences, there is a big item on the menu already Saturday June 24th when the event “Sol over Gudhjem” (Sun above Gudhjem) – Denmark’s biggest chef’s competition – takes place.

Sol over Gudhjem is one of the premier annual events of Bornholm, where top international chefs meet and compete to make the best dish using primarily Bornholm products.

The event is a total food experience, turning the harbour in Gudhjem into one huge kitchen and food market, where visitors will be able – at close range – to observe and ask questions about the details, techniques, and thoughts behind the various dishes.

Get wiser and taste sustainable food experiences

During the days from 25th – 27th June you can experience several talented producers and food operators all over the island who open their doors for events focusing on sustainable food experiences.

Everyone is welcome as Culinary Island – Bornholm Food Festival have experiences for all people and ages: Whether you are a hardcore foodie or just curious about food. There will for sure be something for everyone’s taste.

The food festival is as adventurous as the Bornholm food landscape.

Download the program for Culinary Island – Bornholm Food Festival in pdf here → Program – Bornholm Food Festival

Your guide to food experiences

Here you will find the festival's food events. There are three options to join: If there is no registration, you can just meet up and attend. If there is a registration and the event is free, contact the organizer. If there is a registration and the event is not free, you can buy the ticket directly with the organizer.

Closing party at Gaarden

Culinary Island – Bornholm Food Festival ends with a blast of a closing party at Bornholm Food Culture House – gaarden in Gudhjem.

Learn more about the local “Imarksætters” from gaarden and the stories behind their products. Amongst the subjects discussed will be upcycling, with one example showcasing how to turn hemp stalks into building material.

Afterwards there will be food and ‘hygge’ at gaarden – spiced up with a talk about ecological certificates.

Visit Gaarden - A collection of local food producers on Bornholm
Chefs competition – Sol over Gudhjem

Bornholm’s Food – a cultural history cookbook

Are you curious about learning Bornholm’s food, as it was for 100 – or maybe 200 years ago? Then you might want to immerse yourself in the book “Bornholm Cooking Traditions – a cookbook of cultural history”.

It was written by former museum director at Bornholm Museum, Ann Vibeke Knudsen. The book was awarded a literary award in 1994 by the Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie.

The cookbook of cultural history with Niels-Holger Larsen’s beautiful photos can also be found at

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