Please note: Prolonged fire ban on Bornholm

Due to the many weeks of warm weather and missing precipitation, nature and vegetation on Bornholm have become so dry - and the fire danger so high, that the fire brigade together with the police departement on the island has issued and prolonged a general fire ban for all of Bornholm.

Please note: Fire ban on the whole of Bornholm

The fire brigade on Bornholm – together with the Police – has issued a general fire ban for the whole island. The ban is at least effective until June 25, 2018. Those who do not follow the ban will face high fines.

The fire ban includes:

  • the burning of gardening waste and yard trimmings
  • the burning of straw and bales of straw on open fields and not cultivated areas
  • the burning of waste from forestry
  • the burning of reed and cane, as well as grassland, heathland and turf
  • the lightning of fire and bon fire outside
  • all St. Hans fires on June 23rd

The fire ban also includes:

  • barbecueing outside
  • the use of permanent outside fire places, like those you find a shelterplaces
  • the use of apparatus and similar, that are used for cutting and welding, heaters, open lights, sun deck heaters and others
  • the use of camping gas cookers and similar as well as lighting blocks

You are still allowed to:

  • barbecueing, as long as the grill stands on a hard and non-inflammable underlay, like concrete, tiles, tarmac or rocks

Do you smoke? Please be very careful.

If you smoke, the fire brigades ask you to be very careful, when smoking outside. Please put your cigarette stubs and matches ONLY in appropriate, non-inflammable containers. And please keep the ashes from your barbecue in the grill.

Even though there should fall some rain within the next days, the fire danger will still be extremely high. That means, that it will take some time before the general fire ban will be lifted again. If there is no significant change to the weather conditions the next days, there won’t be any update before June 25, when the authorities will decide whether to prolong the fire ban or not.

Please note: There are high fines for those who don’t follow theses instructions.

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