Fil Bleu

Fil Bleu, boutique. Autumn and spring, on appointment with Anette Sonne at 29126074. Clothng and domestic textiles etc. manufactured in striking African textiles. The venue is in Aarsdale, across from the Aarsdale Mill, at Sdr. Aarsdalevej 9.  is a sales channel that ties up with the UN 2030 Development Goals by working for balanced trade.  The entire manufacturing process – from the produce of the cotton grower to the manufactured articles –   yields  an income to producers in the West African countries Mali and Burkina Faso. The support group,Fil Bleu Denmark, is based on unpaid volontary work. Consequently all sales profits benefit the producers in West Africa.

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In our webshop you’ll find clothes for both Ladies, Gents and Children.



Opening hours this week:

No opening hours available for this week.

Contact information

Tlf. +45 2165 9692




Sdr. Aarsdalevej 9

3740 Svaneke

We "live" in the small fishing village Aarsdale

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