Unknown land, art exhibition

01. June 2022 - 27. August 2022

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Exhibition in Undreværket

In UNKNOWN LAND Helene Høm transforms the Bornholm landscapes into spiritual states. Somewhere between realism and mysticism, she depicts a world in turmoil, where man must radically reorient himself.

The exhibition, consisting of oil paintings and mixed media sketches on paper, is at the same time suffused with light.

– I have let the landscapes and motifs dissolve before the eyes of the viewer. In this way, I hope that my paintings offer the opportunity to look at the world with new eyes, at a time when I believe this quality is essential. We can’t go back to what we knew before 24 February,” she says.

Helene Høm (b.1972) is the fifth generation of a Bornholm family of artists that goes back to Hjorth’s Ceramics Factory in Rønne and the Bornholm Painters (1910-60) .

The nature around Gudhjem and Melsted, where she lives and works, and the special Bornholm light are central. A colouristic sensitivity is fundamental to her work.


UNDREVÆRKET is a former church space in pittoresque Gudhjem on the rocky east coast of Bornholm.

Thomas Danielsen and Helene Høm, both professional artists, grew up on Bornholm and worked internationally for several years till they in 2016  opened Undreværket as a working studio and show room for theatre and art.




12:00 - 16:00


12:00 - 16:00


12:00 - 16:00


12:00 - 16:00


Kirkevej 2
3760 Gudhjem

Tags: Art, Culture, Gallery, Gudhjem, Late summer, Summer, Visual Arts

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