Painting exhibition by Anker Angantyr at Ølhuzed in Hasle

06. April 2024 - 02. June 2024

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Are you fond of art? Then there is now an opportunity to see beautiful colorful paintings at Ølhuzed in Hasle.

The local artist and architect Anker Angantyr (1937 – ) will exhibit some of his paintings at Ølhuzed in Hasle for the next two months. The exhibition is curated by Anker’s son, Lars Anker Angantyr.

Anker Angantyr was born and raised in Knudsker near Rønne.

He has been drawing and painting since his youth on Bornholm. At the art academy, he further developed his skills and has always played with shapes and colors – both as an architect and a painter. Many of his paintings are thus very wild and colorful. One of his favorite subjects has been Hammershus, which he has painted numerous pictures of. He paints in oil, chalk, and watercolor and has also created a lot of ceramics.

After the academy, Anker lived for a number of years in Gilleje, where he also drew and painted. Later, he has lived in both Allinge and Teglkås.

The paintings can be seen from April 6th to June 2nd. There will be a change of exhibition around May 1st, and on Friday, April 19th at 6 pm, it will be possible to meet the son Lars, who will talk about the exhibition.



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