Full moon dance and "hygge"

28. July 2022 - 28. July 2022

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Come and have a great experience of dancing in nature while the moon rises.

The event takes place at / by Birca in Hasle – where we dance outside on grass and by forest.

We end with a bonfire and fun. (of course voluntary if you want to stay. The actual dance class lasts about 60-90 min.)

Everyone can participate.

Groove is a dance class where you learn simple and easy choreography from a variety of styles such as: Hip Hop, Urban, House, Jazz, Bollywood, Latin, Africa, Contemporary, Swing, Disco and many more…

Groove is an absolutely fantastic form of training that, using simple dance steps, trains ALL the body’s muscle groups, provides high heart rate, muscle training, agility and balance.

Groove is based on the “5 groove truths” Groove truths:

No one cares what u look like

Your was IS the right way

No one can do it for U

You should look different

All these are great ideas until you practice them

Groove is not “just” dancing, it’s much much more! It’s about discovering your authentic self, taking responsibility for your health and moving your body in a way that feels AMAZING to YOU!

Something magical happens when you allow your body to want to move and express itself without worrying about what other people think about it and you.

Through Groove, we are guided to move beyond how we think we should behave and what we dare. When you get a chance to move in a way that feels good to your body, you get a great workout that is perfect for you!

Dancing is a great way to train body and mind, releasing energy. It’s about YOU and your dance for HEALTH!

IMPORTANT Unlike “Free Dance”, which may seem scary because you are left to yourself, Groove Dance is structured teaching that gives you suggestions on how to move your body. Throughout the hour, you will be guided, helped and supported in your body’s unique movements.


Bolbyvej 7, 3782 Klemensker



21:00 - 23:00



200 kr.

Kids under the age of 13

100 kr.

Payment by mobile pay or cash at arrival


Glasværksvej 1
3790 Hasle

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