Coronavirus / COVID-19: Information for travellers to and from Bornholm

Advice and information for travellers to and on Bornholm

Latest update April 10, 2020 (13:30 AM CEST)

Closing of the Danish border: How does this affect my travel to and from Bornholm?

The Danish border is closed to tourists and non-essential travellers to May 10.

The government calls for us all to stay home. Regarding the restrictions that have been decided and announced on March 23 and April 6, it is further stated that the government does not want people to travel between the Danish regions until after Easter.

The official guidelines

The decision to discourage all unnecessary trips abroad also applies to commuting through Sweden.

If you have questions about how coronavirus (COVID-19) can affect your trip to Bornholm, there are two places to update:

1. Check the travel information related to coronavirus on either the local website for travellers (this site) or follow your foreign ministry’s guidelines for travel in Denmark.
2. The Danish Police have the latest updates in English here.

We recommend that we all try to prevent contamination and follow the official guidelines from your own foreign ministry and that of the Danish government and police.

Sweden closes the border for travelers arriving outside the EU/EEA

To reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, Sweden has closed its borders from March 19 to May 10. However, this only applies to people who start the journey outside EU/EEA countries and into Sweden. The Swedish Ministry of Interior states that the closing of borders will not affect people traveling between Denmark and Sweden.

Are there any corona-ill people on Bornholm?

Yes, there have been confirmed cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on Bornholm. However, there is a growing number of confirmed infections in the rest of Denmark. Therefore both Bornholms Regionskommune (the local municipality), attractions, accommodations, restaurants and travel agents, take special precautions in an effort to minimize the risk of coronavirus on the island of Bornholm. The situation changes daily, and we will try to keep this site updated with the most relevant information, links and instructions.

Are you on Bornholm and suspect that you are infected?

If you are on Bornholm and need to get in contact with a doctor for advice, if you have been in contact with an infected person, or if you suspect that you are infected, you can contact the local doctors by phone. You can see the list of local doctors here. After 4 PM the doctors can be contacted on tel. 1813

It is essential that you do not contact the local doctor or the emergency room in person when suspecting infection. Contact the doctor by phone first.

Is it possible to travel to Bornholm by ferry or plane?

Danish citizens, that want to travel to Bornholm (i.e. to their summerhouse on Bornholm, etc.) can still travel to and from Bornholm by ferry or plane. If you are a Danish citizen you can use Bornholmslinjens high speed ferry to and from Ystad and the conventional ferry to and from Køge or you can fly with DAT from Copenhagen. The ferry from Bornholm to Sassnitz, Germany will be suspended until 10 May.

If you are a foreign citizen in Denmark who wants to travel to or from Bornholm, we recommend that you travel via Bornholmslinjen’s ferry route Rønne-Køge or with DAT’s flight connection Rønne-Copenhagen. Both routes are Danish domestic routes and you will thereby remain within the Danish border.

If you want to continue to your home country, go to the nearest airport and if you are a German citizen you can continue to the german border in Jutland.

These connections are excempted from the Danish authorities’ general advice against using public transportation during rush hour. Bornholmslinjen informs that all employees are heavily focused on strict cleaning measures and hygiene. The ferry company also urges you to focus on your own hygiene, wash your hands, avoid physical contact with others and cough or sneeze in the crook of your arm.

Update from Bornholmslinjen (the local ferry operator) on the 12th March:

  • Passengers with special needs are permitted to stay on the car deck onboard the ship – please press “Help” already at the check-in-machine. If you do not have any agreement with the service personnel, you are not allowed to stay in your car during the crossing. The places are reserved for passengers with special needs on crossings that are shorter than two hours (this means, that you are not allowed to stay in your car on crossings between Rønne and Køge as well as crossings with the ferry “Povl Anker” between Rønne and Ystad). This is for passengers who have increased risk of being infected with COVID-19, passengers who fear having been exposed to infection or passengers who generally are afraid of being infected.
  • People can no longer share a cabin with someone they don’t know. This will also mean that we cannot offer everyone a cabin on the departure between Køge and Rønne. If you have ordered a cabin, you will be contacted if this affects you.
  • All passengers are divided into zones. In addition, every other table is blocked on the ferry to ensure that there is a necessary distance between the passengers.
  • Everywhere there are signs to remind passengers to keep distance.
  • On all crossings, cleaning is a top priority for the crew.

Note: Staying in the car during the ferry crossing can be very cold. It is therefore strongly recommended that you bring warm clothes and possibly a blanket in the car.

Information concerning flying to Bornholm with DAT from March 16:

Passengers flying to Bornholm with DAT can prepare for their flight here – and please note that this connection is operated with a reduced schedule at the moment. The employees have a heavy focus on cleaning services, disinfection liquids on board and most importantly well-trained and informed crew who take special care of customers’ needs during onboarding and onboard service. If you have any questions, contact DAT Customer Service, phone +45 76 92 30 40 (Mon-Fri: 7 am – 5 pm).

Public transportation on Bornholm

On March 13, the local bus company BAT announced a number of changes for public buses on Bornholm. This implies the following:

  • Regional routes now drives on weekend schedule on weekdays and on weekends.
  • The front door of the bus will not be opened, entry and exit through the other doors of the bus.
  • The bus driver does not accept cash. The travel card (Rejsekortet) cannot be used in BAT’s buses. Instead you can buy itinerary in an APP – if you haven’t already installed the APP, you can download it here for iOS and here for Android.
  • Keep away from other passengers and the driver.
  • Do not use public transport if you are ill.
  • BAT’s customer service is closed for personal inquiries, contact us on phone +0045 56 95 21 21 or mail

Closed on Bornholm

According to instructions and recommendations from the Danish Prime Minister of 11th March 2020 the Tourist Informations on Bornholm are closed from March 13th to May 10th. However, personnel will be answering the telephone and mail. You can get in contact with Bornholms Tourist Information on tel. +45 56 95 95 00 (weekdays from 10 am – 2 pm) or at

Some local businesses (incl. attractions) might close during this period. Therefore, we recommend that you contact places you want to visit in advance, to check if they are open. The situation may change daily.

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