Coronavirus / COVID-19: Information for travellers to and from Bornholm

Advice and information for travellers to and on Bornholm

Last update May 7, 2021 (9:45 AM CEST)

Travels to Denmark and Bornholm

Denmark is re-opening its borders in four steps – also for holiday travellers. The re-opening is based on a weekly updated list of high, medium and low-risk regions and countries – marked in different colours corresponding to different incidence rates.

In order to know, what stage of risk your very own home region or country is, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes a weekly updated list.

Here you can see how the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs currently classifies the regions and countries worldwide (you can zoom in and out)
→ All facts and information about entry to Denmark in English here

Please note: You may have to go into self-isolation after your return to your home country or region. Please keep yourself updated on the current rules and regulations in your home country.

The re-opening will consist of these four phases:

Entry to Denmark – PHASE 1 (from April 21, 2021)

Summer house owners, Boat owners and long time campers are again allowed to enter Denmark and Bornholm (if they come from an orange area). Under the condition that you present a negative Corona-test (PCR / quick /antibody) at the border control (test max. 24 hours old), new test max. 24 hours after entry, 10 days of mandatory self-isolation (can be broken after min. 4 days after admission with a new negative test, must be PCR test. Test facilities see link below). If a country or region marked yellow, then there is no mandatory self-isolation, and holiday travels are also welcome.

Entry to Denmark – PHASE 2 (from May 1, 2021)

Travellers from yellow and orange EU- and Schengen countries and -regions, who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, can travel to Denmark without test and self-isolation (final vaccination min. 14 days, max. 180 days old, only vaccine with EMA-approval). Children to the age of 18 of fully vaccinated adult travellers are also allowed to enter the country (restrictions apply, see overview). Other travels to Denmark (also by non-vaccinated travellers from yellow, orange and red countries/regions) are only allowed with a worthy purpose (see short and long list). Please note, that a negative test result upon entry (may now be max. 48 hours old), test after max. 24 hrs after entry, and self-isolation still is mandatory.

Entry to Denmark – PHASE 3 (from approx. May 14, 2021*)

Easing of the incidence rates. Entry for travellers from orange and yellow EU- and Schengen countries and regions possible, but still with mandatory tests and self-isolation for non-vaccinated travellers. Travellers from the border regions (Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, Blekinge, Scania, Halland and West Gothia in Sweden are exempted from the mandatory self-isolation).

Entry to Denmark – PHASE 4 (from approx. June 26, 2021*)

Implementation of an EU wide Corona passport. Entry to Denmark is possible for all travellers from the EU- and Schengen countries and regions, but you need to be vaccinated or tested negative. Rules of mandatory test and self-isolation may still cover access from orange and yellow countries/regions. Further details are not yet known.

*These dates are subject to further political negotiations, depending on the current situation in Denmark.

Are you ill upon arrival at the border, the Danish police can deny you entry into Denmark. Upon your entry, you must present a valid ID (passport or national ID). The question of entry is at the discretion of the Danish police. Find more information here.

Please note: The direct ferry service from Sassnitz/Germany to Bornholm is discontinued temporarily until May 20, 2021. Alternatively, you can travel with the night ferry service to Bornholm from Køge (south of Copenhagen), if you do not want to travel via Sweden. See all options here.

Do you have questions concerning your travel to Denmark?

You can also contact the Arrivals Hotline of the Danish Police at +45 7020 6044.

Travelling from Denmark to Bornholm via Sweden

You are allowed to travel between Denmark and Bornholm via Sweden – if you don’t make any stop (you may change train on your way to and from the ferry harbour in Ystad).

Please note: Remember to present a negative corona test upon entry to Sweden (PCR- or quicktest/anti-bodytest).

(If you do not want to travel via Sweden, you can fly with DAT from i.e. Copenhagen to Bornholm, or you can travel with Bornholmslinjens ferry from Køge to Bornholm.)


Here’s what you need to remember for your travel to/from Bornholm:

  • If you are travelling to/from Bornholm via Sweden
    • A negative corona-test (PCR or quicktest / antibody test): Not older than 48 hours (children under 15 years don’t need a test)
    • Wear a protectional face mask onboard the ferry during the whole crossing, as well as in the bus or train
    • Valid personal ID (national passport or ID-card)
  • If you are traveling by ferry to/from Køge or by plane
    • Wear a protectional face mask onboard the ferry during the whole crossing, as well as at the airport and onboard the plane during the whole flight


Questions concerning your travel to and from Bornholm?


Keep your distance, focus on hygiene and remember the assembly ban in Denmark

Please keep your distance to others, wash your hands and cough or sneeze into your sleeve – not your hands. Please follow the local authorities guidelines and restrictions. Read more → in this brochure.

There is currently an assembly ban (with exemptions) for more than 25 persons at a time inside, and 75 persons outside.

When you go shopping on Bornholm, please limit the number of persons going shopping together. This helps to keep a distance between the other traders.

Please put your used face mask in a waste bin, otherwise it may pollute the unique nature that we have here on Bornholm.


You can get tested for COVID-19 on Bornholm

While being on Bornholm you can get tested for COVID-19 (virus or antibodies). Currently there are 11 test facilities on Bornholm, that you can find on this map (information provided in Danish).


How long does it take for me to get the answer?

Danish citizens will get their results from a PCR-test within 24-48 hours via the platform, if you have had a quicktest, you’ll get an answer within 20 minutes.

NEW: Foreign citizens can now print their own PCR-test result taken in Denmark. Prior to your test, you have to register at → Guidance on how to register (PDF, English)


Are you on Bornholm and are showing indications on corona?

If you are on Bornholm and need to get in contact with a doctor for advice, if you have been in contact with an infected person, or if you suspect that you are infected, you can contact the local doctors by phone. You can see the list of local doctors here. After 4 PM the doctors can be contacted on tel. 1813 (if you don’t have a Danish CPR number, just wait for an operator to answer).

If you are showing mild symptoms on COVID-19, you do not need to contact a doctor, but you can book an appointment to get tested on the website

Please take note of the Corona-Warn-App Smitte|Stop. All Danes and people living in Denmark are requested to download and use this app on their smartphone as a digital tool to detect and eliminate chains of infection.

It is essential that you do not contact the local doctor or the emergency room in person when suspecting infection. Contact the doctor by phone first.


Are you a visitor to Bornholm and are you tested positive?

Have you been tested positive, you are required to put yourself into self-isolation. Are you a visitor to the island and aren’t you able to do so, Bornholms Regionskommune can help you with transportation to your home. You need to be checked by a nurse. Read more and contact Bornholms Regionskommune here (in Danish).

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