Coronavirus / COVID-19: Information for travellers to and from Bornholm

Advice and information for travellers to and on Bornholm

Last updated September 20, 2021

Travels to Denmark and Bornholm

Denmark is re-opening its borders in four steps – also for holiday travellers. The re-opening is based on a weekly updated list of high, medium and low-risk regions and countries marked in different colours corresponding to different incidence rates.

To know what stage of risk your home region or country is, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes a weekly updated list – See the list here.

Useful links about entry into Denmark and Bornholm:

You can also contact the Arrivals Hotline of the Danish Police on the phone no. +45 7020 6044 and inquire about the latest information.

Travelling to Bornholm via Sweden

Danish citizens are allowed to travel between Denmark and Bornholm via Sweden. For foreign nationals we recommend that you check both the Swedish and your own foreign ministry’s guidelines. You can read the official guidelines from the Swedish police here.

You can also travel domestically by plane from several Danish airports, take the ferry from the Danish harbour in Køge or the ferry from Sassnitz in Germany.


Questions concerning your travel to and from Bornholm?

  • Read more on the official Danish corona-website:
  • Read the rules for entry through Sweden:
  • Information from Bornholm’s municipality (Danish only):


While on Bornholm

While you are visiting Bornholm, please help us keep the island corona-free by following these simple guidelines:

  • Keep an appropriate distance from other people.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve – not your hands.
  • Please discard used maks in a waste bin. Otherwise, it may pollute the unique nature that we have here on Bornholm.


You can get tested for COVID-19 on Bornholm

While on Bornholm, you can get tested for COVID-19 in the following locations. To get a PCR-test while on Bornholm you need to register on – please follow the instructions here. To get a quick test you must bring a health insurance card / ID card.


If you have Corona symptoms while on Bornholm

If you have symptoms or think you might have been infected with Corona while on Bornholm, contact a medical professional for advice. You can see the list of local doctors here. After 4 PM, the emergency hotline can be reached on phone no. +45 1813 (if you don’t have a Danish CPR number, wait for an operator to answer).

It is important that you limit the contact to the phone and do not visit the emergency room in person.

If you have mild symptoms on COVID-19, you do not need to contact a doctor, but you can book an appointment to get tested on the website


Here is what you can do if you test positive on Bornholm

If you have been tested positive with Corona, it is a requirement that you go into isolation. You can contact the local municipality for help by calling the nurse’s office at phone no. +45 56 92 70 70 – Read additional information here (in Danish).


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