Coastfishing on Bornholm

Enjoy unique coastfishing spots on Bornholm. The Bornholm coastline is variated and exclusive.

Bornholm offers a perfect coastline.

There are not many other coastlines that are so perfect than the spots on Bornholm. And because of the island’s size you are always able to find a unique fishing spot. There are even 27 harbours on Bornholm – and with these there is always a pier close to you that you can fish from.

De bornholmske kyststrækninger er helt unikke og utrolig varierede”

Fishing from medio November to Sankt Hans (ultimo June)

The best time to fish on Bornholm is in the span between mid November to around St. Hans (Midsummer). If Bornholm experiences a beautiful Indian Summer, the sea around Bornholm is so warm, that the perfect time to fish often is postponed at least a week or two to the End of November or beginning of December.

Trout on Bornholm

There are special protection zones for trout at every river and beck on Bornholm. The low salt level in the Baltic Sea makes the trout seeking for food all year round. The variated coastline with reefs, cliffs, sand, common eelgrass and stone piles is the perfect base for the sea trout population. Biologists and sports fishermen have worked hard to preserve the specific trout sort – and there has been no attempt at all to put other, more fast growing trout into the sea.

Unique protection rules around Bornholm

When you fish around Bornholm please note that there are some unique Bornholm rules: Sea Trout is protected when in colored mode (from September 16 to February 28/29). And there is a all-year-protection in a radius of 500 m to both sides of the following rivers and becks:

  • Øle å
  • Læså
  • Blykobbeå
  • Baggeå
  • Kobbeå
  • Gyldenså

22 other protected rivers and becks:

There are similar protection rules for the fowllowing 22 other trout rivers and becks valid between September 16 to January 15:

  • Kæmpeå
  • Byå
  • Vallenså
  • Lilleå
  • Grødby å
  • Henrikebæk
  • Dammebæk
  • Søbæk
  • Skovsholm bæk
  • Vaså
  • Sølyst bæk
  • Kelse å
  • Melsted å
  • Bobbeå
  • Døndal å
  • Møllegård bæk
  • Tejn å
  • Kampeløkke å
  • Bakkebæk/Ålebæk
  • Grynebæk
  • Vandløb ved Bølshavn
  • Vasebæk

See also this leaflet from the Danish Department of Farming and Fishing (PDF, external link – in Danish)

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