Charter Boat Fishing

Gordon Henriksen

Journalist, angler

There’s a certain allure to being on the water. And to fish the seas surrounding Bornholm’s dramatic coastal shorelines from a charter boat is a unique experience that provides peace of mind, a new perspective on life – and (most likely) plenty of fish.

The depth curves along Bornholm’s shorelines quickly drop off and you don’t have to venture far out to sea to find subaqueous reefs, banks, and channels where, depending on the season, you can hook up with cod, flounders, herring, mackerel, and garfish. Cod are caught all year round, but the peak season lasts from March until October. During this period, you can also catch herring, garfish, and mackerel. The herring and garfish start to show up in late May and June, and the mackerel announce their arrival in late July.

You can also fish from your own boat or from a rental boat, when the weather conditions permit. This, however, requires a bit of local knowledge, some bullet-proof GPS coordinates, a chart, and an echo sounder for locating the fish. Drifting across sand bars, reefs, and banks can prove effective, and when the conditions are just right, you can use fairly light tackle, which makes the fishing even more exhilarating.

If you don’t have your own boat, don’t worry. Most of the major harbours are home to charter boats that arrange comfortable and service-oriented trips, where you can relax and let the captain find the fish for you. Charter boats can be found in Nexø, Rønne, Gudhjem, and Hasle, and their captains have all the experience required for you to have a successful day of sea fishing.

When sea fishing, it is advisable to bring along two fishing rods: One for heavy pilkers and jigs in strong currents and a lighter one for casting and bait fishing. When fishing really deep water, pilkers and jigs ranging in weight from 100 – 300 grams are recommended, and for casting you’ll need lures ranging from 40 – 80 grams mounted at the end of a trace with a few attractor flies, which work well for herring and mackerel. A casting rig with a sinker and a hook baited with, for instance, ragworm, lugworm, or herring, is a great way to catch everything from cod to flounders.

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