Café Slusegaard and Anjas Julelade

Visit Anjas Julelade and get into the Christmas spirit.

Anjas julelade

From late November till Christmas Eve you can get into the Christmas spirit at Anjas Julelade (Anja’s Christmas Barn) in the old redecorated stable on Slusegaard. Here you can make your own Christmas decoration, purchase Christmas items, and find replicas of pitchers, cups and beads found in the area at an Iron Age excavation carried out from 1958 to 1964. In the café you can enjoy Christmas coffee, mulled wine, a sausage specialty from Bornholm called ‘Ristepølse’ and æbleskiver.

Café Slusegaard and the Queen’s excavation

Café Slusegaard is beautifully decorated inside a former pigpen. While you enjoy some coffee, sandwiches or home-baked cake you can read all about the history of Slusegaard, the watermill, and about the excavation of an Iron Age burial site nearby. Queen Margrethe took part in the excavation in the 1960ies when she was a Crown Princess.

The geographical intersection

When visiting Café Slusegaard you can at the same time see Denmark’s only geographical intersection, where the longitude 15 degrees east meets the latitude 55 degrees north. The intersection is marked by a granite stone so it is easy to see where longitude meets latitude.

The trout house facility and the watermill

The area around Slusegaard is a protected site and is open to the public. Here you can go for a lovely walk, perhaps go down to the beach, see the fascinating watermill, and pet horses, sheep and lamb. There are also guided tours available so you can learn more about the amazing story of Slusegaard and its’ surroundings. At Slusegaard there is a unique fish-spawning system and you can still see the incredible fish house. If you visit Slusegaard in the fall you can see trout jumping in the stream.




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21. December 10.02-17.02

22. December 10.02-17.02

23. December 10.02-17.02

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Tlf. +45 2671 8045


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