The Bornholm Butterfly Park

Experience a variety of sounds, smells and colours produced by flowers, plants, birds and more than 1,000 large and bright coloured butterflies at the Bornholm Butterfly Park (Bornholms Sommerfuglepark)

Visit the Bornholm Butterfly Park in Nexø
The big tropical glass house consists of a variety of sounds, smells and colours – produced by flowers, plants, birds and especially by more than 1000 large and bright coloured butterflies that fly around freely.

Experience the beautiful butterflies
Lakes, cataracts and big plants provide the guests of the Butterfly Park an experience of being inbetween the nature. In the impressing park the guests witness the butterflies’ fantastic change from egg to caterpillar and chrysalis – and finally the last change into a richly coloured butterfly. Parrots and other vividly coloured birds freely fly around the exotic plants. Apart from exciting experiences, you also have the possibility to relax at a comfortable café or discover the Danish butterflies in the surrounded garden.

The Bornholm Butterfly Park is run ecologically
The nature park runs ecologically without use of any form of chemicals.

Handicap-friendly attraction
Access for wheelchairs: Yes
Handicap parking: Yes
Handicap toilet: Yes

Practical information

Opening season

22. May - 19. September 2021

Opening hours

Open all days 10.00 - 17.00

Special opening days

Special closing days

Tlf. +45 5649 2575



Gl. Rønnevej 14

3730 Nexø

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