BornholmerFærgen sails to Bornholm over the Baltic Sea from Ystad, Køge and Sassnitz. On board the ferry, you can shop, eat and relax, the children can play in the play area and you can bring your dog along with you - in other words, your holiday starts on the Bornholm ferry.

From Ystad, Køge, Sassnitz and Copenhagen

BornholmerFærgen sails from Ystad, Køge and Sassnitz to Rønne on the island of Bornholm. The trip from Copenhagen to Ystad harbour takes around an hour by road or train, and the high-speed ferry from Ystad takes only 1 hour and 20 minutes. So in less than 3 hours after leaving the city, you can stand and enjoy the fresh air on the sunshine island of Bornholm.

Shopping and Bistro

Once on board BornholmerFærgen you can spend your time shopping, choosing from a huge range of spirits, beer, wine, perfume, cosmetics and toys, or you can enjoy a delicious meal from the Bistro, which always has something on the menu to whet your appetite. BornholmerFærgen is also for those who just want to lean back and relax while the ferry sails across the sparkling sea, and for families, because children can stretch their legs and play in the ferry’s impressive play area.

Take the bus, car or get your own cabin

You can also buy tickets for Bornholmerbussen (line 866) from Færgen, a bus that will take you safely back and forth between Copenhagen Central Station (Bernstorff Street) to the Ferry Terminal at Ystad (where you board the ferry to Rønne).

If you sail from Køge you can look forward to 5 hours and 30 minutes of peace and relaxations, and you can choose your own cabin and be rocked to sleep by the ferry’s steady progress. The ferry departs from Køge every evening/night, so you will reach Bornholm in the early hours of the morning, ready for your adventures.

Færgen supports local culture

Færgen also sponsors a wealth of cultural events on the island, such as Folkemødet, music events such as Wonderfestiwall, sports events such as the Etape Bornholm race and fishing events, to name but a few.

BornholmerFærgen is operated by Danske Færger A/S, which is commonly known as Færgen, which also traffics the routes Bøjden-Fynshav, Kalundborg-Samsø, Esbjerg-Fanø and Spodsbjerg-Tårs.

Budget Ticket

It has never been cheaper to travel to Bornholm. For example, why not take the car onto the BornholmerFærgen with a budget return ticket Ystad-Rønne for up to 5 people.

From €82


Customer Service

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