Bornholm's Culture Week

100 cultural experiences in 10 days with 9 different cultural tracks

Every year in week 38, at the peak of the late summer, the culture week invites you to participate and indulge in cultural events every day around the whole island. This year, Bornholm’s Culture Week celebrates its twentieth anniversary, which means extra festivities.

The activities are organized into nine different categories, which we call cultural tracks. It makes it easy to find the events that you find interesting.

You can choose to follow a specific cultural trail throughout the week – or you can make your own program by choosing from the activities.

The experiences are combined with the focus on a specific city every day of the cultural week, so you have plenty of opportunities to get around the island.
Find all the activities on The Culture week’s website.

Food culture is an area where Bornholm has positioned itself as a food island. This year The Culture Week celebrates its birthday at gaarden (Bornholm’s food culture house).

Arts and Crafts is another area where Bornholm is known and famous for its high standards. You can become more acquainted with this during the cultural week this year.

Bornholm’s Literature Festival takes place every day in a new town. The versatility is significant and ranges from the very narrow to the very wide. For example, meet writers such as Maria Helleberg, Anne Glad and Jussi Adler-Olsen.

Nature which is exotic and varied on Bornholm compared to the rest of Denmark is always an essential element of Bornholm’s Cultural Week with arranged hikes with dedicated guides.

The 9 Cultural Trails:

  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Popular music
  • Classical music
  • History/Cultural History
  • Literature
  • Food culture
  • Theatre/performing arts
  • Nature

Town days

  • September 17 – Allinge-Sandvig
  • September 18 – Hasle
  • September 19 – Aarsballe – Klemensker – Nyker – Rø
  • September 20 – Nexø
  • September 21 – Aakirkeby
  • September 22 – Gudhjem
  • September 23 – Østermarie
  • September 24 – Svaneke
  • September 25 – Christiansø
  • September 26 – Rønne


As an audience, you support Bornholm’s Culture Week by purchasing a Culture Week pass. It is required and serves as access to the full range of cultural experiences during The Culture Week. The pass is designed as a badge that you can pin on your clothes, so it’s easy to spot. Some events are free when you have your badge, while others – typically concerts and performances have a separate ticket sale. See where to buy The Culture Week badge.


Practical information

Opening season

September 11 - 20, 2020

Opening hours

Every day Morning to evening

Special opening days

Special closing days

Mandatory badge for anyone over 14 years

Culture Week badge. For some activities, entrance fee or ticket must be paid besides badge.

70 kr.


Tlf. +45 5128 2985




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