Car rental and car repairs on Bornholm

Rent a car on Bornholm and discover the island on your own - free as a bird! Or get your car repaired at competitive prices.


You can rent all sorts of passenger cars, vans, mini-buses, lorries and caravans. Major international car rental firms and local companies with great experience within car rental have offices in Rønne and at the Bornholm Airport. It’s also possible to hire mopeds, ScootCars and scooters. There are also several firms that hire out trailers for private cars.

In great demand

Vehicles are in great demand during the summer months. If you have specific requirements, it’s a good idea to book early.

Car repair

In case you need car repairs this is of course also possible on Bornholm. You can either contact one of the local garages or the Danish Auto Service.

Here you can find repair, service and car hire



Bornholmerbiler is a cooperation of authorized car dealers; Nyboes Auto, Autohuset Bornholm, Bilhuset Mogens Elmer, Citroen Stenseby og Au2fix.


Bornholms Bremse- og Koblingsservice

Get your car repaired at competitive prices at Bornholms Bremse- og Koblingsservice.



Rent a car at Europcar.


Rønne Autoudlejning

Rent a car on Bornholm and discover the island on your own - free as a bird!

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