Bente Hammer - Svaneke

Shop at Bente Hammer in Svaneke.

My passion

has always been to create clothes, which are beautiful to the eye, nice to wear on the body, nice to touch and lovely to use again and again.


Design, silk, colours and good craftmanship is my passion.


No, a creative process is hard work. I scrape and scrape and scrape my idea, which often is sourced by the power and multitude of nature, until it is pure and clear and totally it’s own.

This is what I have done ever since I was educated textile designer and printer on the Mulle Høyrup Experimental Workshop in Kokkedal 40 years ago. Come and feel my passion!



Opening season

Summer 2020

Opening hours

Monday 11-17

Tuesday 11-17

Wednesday 11-17

Thursday 11-17

Friday 11-17

Saturday 10 - 14

Special opening days

Special closing days

Tlf. +45 2965 1935



Svaneke Torv 1

3740 Svaneke

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