BEAST is an artist-driven venue for contemplation, development and exchange between national and international artists and the local community. 

We organize exhibitions and workshops, artist talks and events and run an artist-in-residence programme. We offer workspaces and showroom for artists and occasionally rent out the space for events and exhibitions.

BEAST is located in the village Østermarie on the beautiful Danish island of Bornholm. The space is a former slaughterhouse with a variety of unique work and exhibition spaces of altogether 130 squaremeters, a yard and garden and a separate house for artists in residence.

Beast hosts artists in residence from all over the world, who use the space as a workspace during the low season. During this season, we organize artist-talks, workshops and pop-up events.





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Tlf. +45 6021 9122


Web beast-bornholm


Godthåbsvej 23

3751 Østermarie

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