Bådsted Camping

Bådsted Camping is open for the summer season from 01 July to 15 September

The campsite, which can be dated back to the late sixties, is framed by streams on both sides surrounded by Nordbornholm’s beautiful and rocky nature and has only a small exclusive green spot on the coastline between Gudhjem, Tejn and Allinge with room for 37 camping units for tents and camplets. Just a stone’s throw from here you will find the isolated and peaceful Bådsted Beach with magnificent views of the Baltic Sea and the coastline, to which the square is directly connected through a cozy forest path under the treetops.

The site itself houses a service building of older date with showers, toilets, and a small, shared kitchen, which has been given a fresh breath of life. Outside you can soak up the sun and enjoy cold drinks in the lounge area with pallet furniture or spend cozy summer evenings under the garden lights and half-roofs.

There are plenty of opportunities for various day trips with Bådsted Camping as a permanent base. In addition to being next door to the scenic rift valley with Denmark’s highest waterfall, Døndalen, as well as Bornholm’s Art Museum and the famous sanctuary cliffs, Bådsted Camping is connected to a network of cycling and hiking trails that spread throughout the island.

We look forward to welcoming you to our small cozy campsite.



Opening hours this week:

No opening hours available for this week.


Tlf. +45 2494 0700

E-mail info@baadstedcamping.dk

Web www.baadstedcamping.dk


Sdr. Strandvej 91

3760 Gudhjem

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