Apple cider from Bornholm

Brewed according to Norman tradition, but with Nordic apples and the Bornholm mineral, rocky soil as our terroir.
Natural. Local. Genuine.

About Âvijll apple cider

We pick our apples on proud, old trees all over the island – some well-known, common varieties and other old, local varieties with only a few existing trees and exciting, rarely found taste profiles. All selected based on characteristics and character. We macerate and ferment cold and slowly, to develop as much aroma as possible and then we second ferment in bottles and let the bubbles develop naturally. So, each bottle is a result of fruit, time, and craftsmanship.



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Tlf. +45 2924 3404

E-mail kontakt@avijll.dk

Web www.avijll.dk


Almindingsvej 43

3720 Aakirkeby

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