Activities for children on Bornholm in autumn

Start your autumn holidays on the island of Bornholm here and find lots of inspiration and tips for a pleasant autumn holiday on lovely Bornholm.

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Bornholm for children – in autumn

Children will never be bored in autumn on the island of Bornholm. There are a lot of possibilities for both indoor and outdoor activities.

A lot of activities on Bornholm

Children will never be bored in autumn on the island of Bornholm. During the autumn holidays the children can experience the cozy Children’s Festival in Hasle with a lot of fun activities and the town of Gudhjem offers Halloween with thrill and horror. The whole family can also try a challenging climb in Highpark Bornholm and then of course there are all the beautiful birds of prey, dinosaurs and fun activities in the experience centre NaturBornholm, bison, Christiansø, horseback riding, bowling, and all the goodies …. candy, licorice, chocolate, gum, caramels, ice cream …

Activities for children
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Bad weather options
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Here's your guide to fall activities on Bornholm

Go out on a walk, see bisons, taste a delicous smoked herring, and choose from many more other options
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