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A kind of global, alternative currency in the form of unique works of art are sold at Artmoney Galleri in Rønne

Artmoney are small works of art that can be used as means of payment, a kind of global, alternative currency in the form of unique works of art.
The concept was created by the Danish artist Lars Kræmmer in 1997 and has since become worldwide.

Artmoney can be made on all materials, they just must meet the following rules:
1. They must measure 12 x 18 cm.
2. They must be original, handmade uniques.
3. They must have the year of production, serial number, country, artist’s name, and signature as well as listed on the back

Artmoney, if it is used as a means of payment, has a rate of DKK 350 (47 Euros).
If it is sold as a work of art, the rate can be DKK 200 (27 Euro).
The artist himself decides at what rate he/she wants to sell.

It can be used as full or partial payment worldwide in registered stores or where it is accepted.

Artmoney is suitable for gifts such as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, hostess gifts, almond gifts, Valentine gifts and you can start a collection.

You always have room for an artmoney.


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