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Welcome to the Amtmandsgården Hotel

At Hotel and Restaurant Amtmandsgården in Rønne all our rooms are fitted with a classical and personal touch. It is most important to us that all rooms are unique and that all furniture is salvaged so that we spare the environment as much as possible. Of course this does not include our beds and linen, which are carefully chosen for the biggest comfort at a reasonable and humane price.

All rooms at Hotel and Restaurant Amtmandsgården in Rønne have blackout curtains so that it is possible to sleep late even on one of the classical sunny Bornholm mornings.

Our rooms do not have televisions, but we have Wi-Fi all over, so that you can stream films and tv to your own unit if you want that. Every room at Hotel Amtmandsgården in Rønne therefore gives a unique experience and we let our guests find their favorite room.
Welcome to Hotel and Restaurant Amtmandsgården.


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3700 Rønne

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