Amtmandsgården - Restaurant

Eat at Amtmandsgården – we have danish food in focus, made from honest raw materials and in plentiful portions

Savoury dishes and danish homemade cooking traditions.

At Restaurant Amtmandsgården in Rønne we make a point of using all local, biological, best-quality raw materials. We offer the dish of the day and are focused on danish food from honest raw materials and in plentiful portions. Beer, schnaps and water are sold at fair prices, even though you are eating at a restaurant in the middle of Rønne.

The rawmaterials are chosen carefully and locally to save CO2. It is important to us that our restaurant delivers on modern demands and conditions making it possible for all ouf us to take the best care of our environment. Both locally here in Rønne and on Bornholm but also globally.

We change the dishes runningly on our weekly menu, so it is an advantage to keep yourself oriented.

When you are guest at our restaurant or in our park here in Rønne it is important for us that everything is satisfactory to you, and therefore we are open to comments and critics if something is not to your satisfaction.

Welcome at Restaurant Amtmandsgården.


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Opening season

All year 2020

Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday 10.30 am - 4 pm and 5.30 pm - 10 pm

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Tlf. +45 5358 8860




Storegade 36

3700 Rønne

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