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Melstedgård Agricultural Museum

Melstedgård is an agricultural museum with animals and fun activities at the farm and in the fields outside Gudhjem on Bornholm.

Melstedgård Agricultural Museum - for the whole family
Melstedgård outside Melsted is a really exciting agricultural museum for the whole family. The farm of Melstedgård dates back to the beginning of the 17th century and today, the museum is operated by the Bornholm Museum. At Melstedgård you will find many fun activities for all ages!

The farmhouse
The farmhouse of Melstedgård was teared down around 1796, and a new and more modern house was built. The farmhouse, which you see today is the original house from 1796 and here, you will find exciting activities during the summer.

The wings and stables
In the wings of Melstedgård you will find old agricultural tools and exhibitions about the Bornholm agricultural life, and in the stables you will find all the "real" animals, which you of course can pat.

The garden
The garden at Melstedgård looks as it did around 1900. Before that time the road to Melsted went just past the farmhouse, and there was no space for a garden. Only in the 1860 's though, it was common to have a large ornamental garden.

Contact information:

Melstedvej 25
3760 Gudhjem

tlf: +45 5648 5598